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Slimline OWB Lightbearing (Solid Color)

Slimline OWB Lightbearing (Solid Color)

The 360 Concealment Slimline OWB Lightbearing was developed in an effort to reduce the footprint of the outside the waistband holsters that are commonly available, while offering concealment and protection for a weapon mounted light (WML). The result is an innovative holster design, which with it's raised sight channel, requires less lateral space on the wearers belt line, than the typical outside the waistband holster. Great care is taken to ensure a "drag-free" draw and reholster. Materials were chosen to optimize adjustable retention, without sacrificing durability or reliability. Raising or lowering, one or both of the provided 1.75" belt loops, will adjust the holster's cant angle, and/or ride height.

(1.5" and 2" belt loops are available upon request.)

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