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V-Shift IWB/OWB (Solid Color)
  • V-Shift IWB/OWB (Solid Color)

    The 360 Concelament V-Shift or "Variable" Shift IWB/OWB is by far our most versatile, adjustable retention holster.


    Designed to combine the features of the Slimline OWB and Shift IWB series of holsters, the V-Shift IWB/OWB can be comfortably carried both inside OR outside the waistband. With the injection molded belt clip postitioned parallel to the bore, the holster allows for appendix (AIWB) carry. Simply "shift" the belt clip forward to carry inside the waistband to the rear. Remove the belt clip and attach the provided 1.75" belt loops to carry outside the waistband. Raising or lowering one or both belt loops will adjust the holster's cant angle and/or ride height.

    (Soft belt loops, 1.5", or 2" belt loops are available upon request.)

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